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Welcome to Harney County where we value our local entrepreneurs and industry.  Located in Eastern Oregon, Harney County enjoys access to regional and national transportation networks providing prosperity and growth opportunities. With both industrial zoned lands and facilities available, we look forward to working with you.


In addition to business recruitment, we can assist in sustaining and growing existing businesses.  Through free and confidential advising, our team of professionals is focused to help build your business and support entrepreneurs looking to start a new business.


With state incentives, access to capital, and a team of professionals, you can be assured Harney County will provide the business tools needed to remain competitive in the current market.


Contact us today and learn more of what Harney County has to offer! Let us assist in taking your business to the next level.

Best Regards,


Greg Smith

Harney County Economic Development

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Harney County is the perfect location for your business headquarters or satellite office.  Explore the resources within this section to get started!

Find banking and finance resources here as well as other State of Oregon finance and incentive programs that may be helpful in your headquarter's siting.

Explore Harney County's strategic location in the Pacific Northwest.

Harney County is the home of an excellent educational system with small schools and teachers who invest in children.

Healthy living opportunities abound in Harney County.  Explore this page to view available resources.

Harney County boasts a resident population of skilled workers to meet your labor needs.

Find local government contacts here.

Explore the many properties available for your business headquarters.

Harney County has a wealth of recreational opportunities and healthy lifestyle options available.

Harney County Economic Development

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